`` Domestic Drones `` : The Problems That Ensue From The Flaws Unmanned Aircraft Safety

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CQ Researcher’s article entitled “Domestic Drones” centers on the problems that ensue from the flaws in unmanned aircraft safety. Domestic drone use has expanded from the past few years to an array of firefighting and police surveillance to scientific research and aerial photograph. This expanded use, however, provides several security concerns, including a possible invasion of privacy and relaxed consequences of misuse. The debatable question here is whether drone surveillance by police should always require a warrant (McGlynn). By analyzing two opposing viewpoints on this topic through an in-depth observation of its use of logos, pathos, and ethos, this question can be addressed with professionally formulated perspectives. Amie Stepanovich stands on the pro side. She appeals to ethos because she is an Associate Litigation Counsel from the Electronic Privacy Information Center, or E.P.I.C. for short, a group that is concerned primarily with privacy issues. As the Associate Litigation Counsel for the organization, she has a favoritism towards protecting individual privacy from electronic surveillance. Her opinion should be taken seriously because she has excessive knowledge of this topic. She talks about the latest advances in drone technologies and the current legal state of drone technologies. These examples, however, lack hard-hitting evidence to support them, which may be because she only had a few minutes to communicate her ideas. She, for example, states “drones may…

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