Domestic Extremism

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The information age has had enormous and very positive impacts on globalization. Nations are able to interact with each other in ways that were not possible before the emergence of the internet. However, with the good, there is always bad, and in the case of technological advances and interconnectedness, domestic extremism has been able to exploit the benefits and convenience of the internet and globalization to harm the American society from within. Globalization and technology have improved the possibilities for domestic extremists to recruit, operate, and communicate from anywhere in the world. The internet has become a fundamental part of every domestic extremist organization in the U.S., and they can quickly mobilize entire communities and propagate messages in a matter of minutes all around the country.
One way that globalization aids domestic extremism is by offering the opportunity to connect with others of the same ideology. This connectedness makes it very difficult for law enforcement to counter domestic extremism. Radicalization could happen thousands of miles away from the United States. There can be face to face interaction or it could be done
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Anyone can access a myriad of websites and sources online that provide technical details and procedures to create bombs and how to best use them (Stibli, 2010, p. 2). Also, domestic extremists that are part of an organization can easily maintain constant communication with leadership without attending a meeting. This makes domestic groups a lot more decentralized, and a much harder and difficult target. Extremists today can engage with other extremists from the comfort of their own home, without risking being apprehended by law enforcement, and with the freedom to radicalize themselves at their own pace, without pressure, commitments, and dangerous personal
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