Domestic Human Sex Trafficking in the United States

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Domestic Human Sex Trafficking in the United States Human sex trafficking and its sister category, Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking also referred to as DMST, (Kotrla,K. 2010) is the most common form of modern day slavery. In the United States there are an estimated 293,000 youth who fall under high risk factor or DMST (Walker-Rodriguez, A. & Hill, R. 2011). Many men prey on the at risk youth to make a fortune for themselves. DMST exposes the youth to a life filled with violence, abuse that is both mental and physical as well as a isolation. The Victims of the Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000 defines sex trafficking, “in which a commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion or in which the person induced to…show more content…
2010). Others were living in poverty and abducted or forced and manipulated with empty promises of a better life, with agreements in which are deceptive to the young girls (Hodge, D. 2008). Once the girls trust is gained, the girls are then used in order to gain profits and/or narcotics for pimps, they are forced into sexual acts for the exchange of money or drugs (Kotrla, K. 2010). 79% of victims of DMST have reported they were forced into trafficking (Crompton, Hardy, McPhatter. 2013). However a majority of the girls are abducted or forced while many are attracted in other ways. Fake agencies sometimes posing as massage agencies lure in women into the trafficking industry. These women are offered money, free transportation to these agencies to work, with an agreement that the costs will be paid back through the woman’s earnings for her work (Hodge, D. 2008). Other girls are lured in through brothels, escort services, hostess clubs, and strip clubs (Kotrla, K. 2010) where they are abused, manipulated, and have been forced to participate in sexual acts against their will. The reality of what was promised then becomes clear. A better life has turned into a life of abuse and isolation. According to the FBI “these women and young girls are sold to traffickers, locked up in rooms or brothels for weeks to months, drugged, terrorized, and raped repeatedly”
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