Domestic Manners Of The Americans

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Kyle Sechrist
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Dr. Katrina Anderson
May 7, 2015 Trollope, Frances Milton. Domestic Manners of the Americans. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2009. Print.

Domestic Manners of Americans is one of the most hard-hitting, successful novels written by Frances Trollope, displaying themes scattered throughout the book about the United States as seen from a different perspective, from the eyes of a tourist. Frances Trollope resides from England, and in 1827 she made the decision to embark on a journey to America, to see if it really was the land of opportunity. She left with her three children and set off leaving her normal life, and her husband, behind her. What she hoped to find in America was a new life, a new experience, and what she found was a country that was struggling to see the incredible number of problems it held. Slavery, social injustice toward women, and the misuse of religion are all addressed in the novel by Frances Trollope, and she refrains from censoring herself to make sure that it is evident that the United States is not the ‘Land of the Free’ that Americans think it is.
There were many events that occurred in Domestic Manners of Americans that stood out and showed a strong opinion of Trollope’s view on them. Frances Trollope set out on an adventure to explore America and the opportunities it holds, but her expectations were crushed when she arrived. The early 1800s were a time of turmoil and unrest in America, not the ideal time for a tourist
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