Domestic Sex For Drugs Or Money?

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What influences affected whether an adolescent would trade sex for drugs or money. Can this be predicted by assessing the involvement and connection with parent(s)? Are there different degrees of parental participation that will predict if youths will exchange sex for drugs or money? 3. Which were the dependent and independent variables? Dependent variable- children that disclosed exchanging sex for drugs or money. Independent variable- participation of the parents in the youth’s lives. 4. How were these concepts operationalized? Dependent- the adolescent responded either 1 (Yes) or 0 (No) to if they had ever exchanged sex for drugs or money. Independent- If the child participated in the following activities with their…show more content…
Two important predictors of children exchanging sex for money or drugs was school involvement and family structure. The children that exchange sex for money are more likely to use drugs and alcohol. It was more likely for males to reveal that they have traded sex for drugs or money. 8. Do you feel that the author(s) fulfilled his/her/their investigation? Yes 9. What is your critique of this article? I feel that by doing in home interviews with the youths could produce misleading answers. If the parents are present, then there could be some worry on consequences they may face if they answer truthfully. Assignment 1.2 From the list of criminological/criminal justice journals in the first chapter, go to the library and choose a recent issue of one of these. Now choose an article that has an empirical (quantitative) orientation and answer or do the following: Note: You may not use the same research article you used to complete Assignment 1.1. Habtom, H., Demanèche, S., Dawson, L., Azulay, C., Matan, O., Robe, P., & ... Pasternak, Z. (2017). Soil characterisation by bacterial community analysis for forensic applications: A quantitative comparison of environmental technologies. Forensic Science International: Genetics, 26 p. 21-29. doi:10.1016/j.fsigen.2016.10.005. (Habtom et al., 2017) 1. What was the research problem? To present forensic specialists with the tools to be able to evaluate soil microbial genetic profiling. Also, to assist
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