Domestic Terrorism And Its Effect On Terrorism Essay

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Domestic terrorism consists of violations against federal and state law that put humans into danger. The purpose of domestic terrorism is to influence or to instill fear into the population and government. Terrorism comes in forms of gun violence, assassinations, and destruction (1). Since 1970, there have been 2,608 attacks and 226 fatal attacks up until 2011 (3). In 1867, the development of dynamite contributed to increasing terrorism, and radicals have used explosives to bring attention to political issues within the country. This invention led to the Haymarket Affair, Los Angeles Times, and the Preparedness Day bombings (2). What has further caused domestic terrorism has been the argument over who is an American. This explains the emergence of the Boston Tea Party and the “white supremacy” of the Ku Klux Klan which both occurred to claim what being an authentic American means (3). After the Cold war, domestic intelligence and law enforcement suppressed terrorist plots, but since the leader of al-Qaeda increased website usage in 2003, more internet terrorist sites have grown. In 2009, the FBI stated that there were approximately 15,000 websites that advocated terrorism with 10,000 sites still active on 80% of U.S based servers. (4) An example of an attack was the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 which resulted in 168 people dead and 600 people injured; the motivation for this was to show the opposition against the U.S government by bombing the Alfred P. Murrah Federal
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