Domestic Terrorism Term paper

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Domestic Terrorism Term Paper

What are some of the arguments for or against the use of the internet as an intelligence-gathering tool? The internet is serving as virtual meeting for billions of users. The intelligence-gathering is leveraging the internet using hard data for online links. The social networking sites are the main complementary link to any information. The social networking sites provide the most important information for communication with anyone and joining different groups. It can identify terror-threats and incipient plots. The internet can provide quantum and quality of information by any member of the group. The internet penetration of
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2. As a vast majority of past terrorist incidents in the United States have involved conventional weapons, why should the US government spend billions of dollars on WMD?
The government of United States has spent millions of dollar on the countering of perceived danger and discussions are made by the government concerning the topic of vulnerabilities of United States including WMD. The WMD has two levels: first is to appraise the threat and to find the countermeasures in mass destructive terrorism. The WMD is intended to be protected by the US Domestic Preparedness Program. In section 1403, it is said that any weapon or device has the capability to cause any serious risk, death or seriously bodily injury to a large number of people through highly toxic chemical. The details about how large the number of people and how can the capability of weapon be known? None of such questions is answered and no explanation is given. The US is spending millions on WMD due to two conclusions: the WMD supports for the attacks using deadly weapons because these weapons are lethal and destructive. Other conclusion can state that the results of an attack are more focused rather than how attack is done. The terrorists can use non-conventional weapons are not important in WMD terrorism.
3. How does intelligence gathering and counter terrorism measures strengthen US policy against domestic terrorists? Explain in detail.
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