Domestic Tranquility Essay

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To Ensure Domestic Tranquility, Is To Ensure A Peaceful Nation
The preamble to the constitution of the United States has played an important role all the way from when it was put in place in September 17, 1787, to today in our present legal, government, and economic systems. Currently we often do not realize the magnitude of importance it holds, and we neglect to see how it relates to the current issues we face. Personally I feel that a crucial part of our preamble is to insure domestic tranquility, it is of such utter importance in our country. Our nation’s people must feel they can have trust in the government, equality, security, peace at home, everything that comes with the promise of freedom the US holds, so that we can continue to flourish
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For all the people of the US we can easily identify the justice system with our police force. Were currently facing a crisis of widespread police brutality and misconduct, leading us to question where the absence of proper policing practices and morality was lost. Over the course of history we have continually faced this whether it be driven by religion, race, or visual perception. But it leads me to say, in what way is this reflecting our hope of insuring domestic tranquility when we can’t trust the people that we are supposed to depend on for help. Now this doesn’t go to say that every police officer or sheriff is guilty of wrong doing, but it does clearly show a developing problem. With this dilemma becoming more evident in social media and how easily it is for someone to record something and report wrong doings, it forces our federal government to act on the inadequacies. The federal government should play a stronger role in the oversight of each state, while the states oversee the counties within it.
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