Domestic Violence : A National Issue Of Epidemic Proportions

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Domestic violence in recent years has become a national issue of epidemic proportions (Whiting, 2014). The current Australian Government campaign against domestic violence clearly states that domestic violence is a crime (Douglas, 2008). However, a debate continues over the value of applying criminal law in this field. This article investigates the current operation of family law in Queensland in the domestic violence sphere and explores the advantages and disadvantages of applying criminal law to this area. Areas of investigation include, the effectiveness of current law, current issues relating to domestic violence, relevant stakeholders and perspectives and alternatives and recommendations relating to the current situation. The analysis …show more content…

Currently the most common response by the court in preventing domestic violence is a protection order. A protection order is relatively easy to obtain and limits the behaviour of the violent person. Once the order is made it is illegal for the respondent to breach the order (Legal Aid Queensland , 2012). You can apply for a domestic violence order if you are experiencing violence in a relationship. Relationships covered by the law include: an intimate personal relationship (married, de facto, registered relationship, engaged, couple), a family relationship (a parent, or former parent, of a child, or your relatives) or an informal care relationship (where one person is dependent on the other person) (Legal Aid Queensland , 2012).

2. Key Issues Relating to Domestic Violence

Domestic violence has in recent years emerged as a mainstream legal and social issue in Australia. Recent cases such as the death of Luke Batty, at the hands of his father have attracted media attention and put the issue on the forefront for many politicians and important public figures. In Australia, domestic violence is the most prevalent form of violence experienced by women, a woman is more likely to be assaulted in her home by a male partner than anywhere or anyone else (Dunkley & Phillips , 2015). Furthermore adolescents living with domestic violence are at great risk of experiencing emotional, physical and sexual abuse (Stephens, 2015). Domestic violence also

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