Domestic Violence Abuse And Its Effects

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Domestic violence abuse can be observed in a relationship where there are levels of psychological, sexual, emotional, and financial and manipulation. In the “I am Not Your Victim” book we could identify several components of the Power and Control Wheel. One of the components of the domestic violence abuse is the use of financial or economical abuse. This concept states that a perpetrator of violence will utilize manipulation of the target victim in order to restrict his or her from working. In addition, the perpetrator will isolate the victim from socializing or interacting with his or her family in order to not have access to finances. On chapter 4, we learned observe the labor, family and social restriction imposed by Sam. Moreover, Sam managed to limit Beth’s behavior by making her a dependable women. Sam make sure to remove the automobile, no access to economy, not letting her socialize with Cindy and to promise her that she will be part of his allowance. Beth stated “I felt isolated because I desperately needed to work but working was out of the question.” The second component is using male privilege this component states that males are the authority, they will have the power to acting like the “boss” by making his wife do all the housework, take care of the children, manage the household income, and by deciding when his future desires must be comply by the female. In chapter 4, Beth stated that Sam didn’t help her with the household chores she has to take care of the
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