Domestic Violence Against Women And Girls

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"Denmark will continue its work to ensure fundamental human rights, to support and help survivors of violence, to explain why violence against women and girls is not acceptable, and to ensure that perpetrators are prosecuted and punished." This was spoken by the Minister for Equality and Ecclesiastical Affairs and the Minister for Development Cooperation in Denmark. The country of Denmark is a small nation that faces the problem of domestic violence. To comprehend the issue of domestic violence against women in Denmark, it is important to understand the background of the country.
First and foremost, Denmark is located on a peninsula north of Germany and borders the Baltic and the North Seas. Denmark, smaller than Vermont and New Hampshire combined, is quoted by many as the happiest country around.
As a further matter, the government’s constitution was finalized on June 5th, 1953. They are under is called a constitutional monarchy. They have their queen, who represents the executive branch, the prime minister who is the head of the government, and the cabinet. In the legislature, there is “unicameral parliament, also known as Folketing, and lastly, the supreme court who represents the judicial branch. The political parties they have are called Venstre who would be known in the United States as the liberals, Social Democratic, Konservative, Socialist People’s, Social Liberal, Unity List, Danish People’s and lastly the New Alliance. To vote in Denmark, you must be eighteen
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