Domestic Violence Against Women.

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Linh Nguyen
Race & Law
TA december 11, 2014 Domestic Violence against Women Domestic violence is a big social issue in the United States today, as well as all over the world. Domestic violence can be between sibling abuse, elder abuse, spouse abuse, and of course child abuse. But when one talks about spouse abuse it is not just from a marital stand point, but also a dating partner who is in an intimate relationship with each other. Domestic violence is not simply hitting, fighting, verbal argument or any type of physical abuse. It is a form of chronic abuse of power, where one partner is trying to be the dominate one in the relationship by using many form of tortures, threats, intimidation and physical violence to control the victim. While many people downplay the effect of domestic violence on the family, it 's relevance is in the numbers we see in articles, books, and even on television. Domestic Violence is an ongoing problem, and it impacts our world every day. Domestic violence is an important social issue, because it has an enormous negative affect on the victims. Domestic violence can be cause by both male and female from every ethnic and social background. Domestic violence does not discriminate, not on age, race, gender or religious belief. But the majority of the case reported are caused by male due to the physical advantage. Definitions of domestic violence are socially constructed that changed over time, and reflect prevailing understanding,…
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