Domestic Violence Against Women?

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Domestic Violence against Women
Domestic violence against women refers to structural acts of aggression, sadism, pain, and oppression that are gender-based resulting to physical, psychological, and sexual harm, and suffering to women. Coercing, arbitrary deprivation of liberty and threatening to engage in actions causing harm and suffering either in public or private to women also constitute gender-based domestic violence. According to Black et al. (2011), gender-based roots of violence and aggression should be recognized as crucial social mechanisms leading to women being forced to positions of subordination compared to their male counterparts (p. 7). Physical, emotional, sexual, and psychology harm towards women encompass violence occurring in the family, general community, and that perpetrated by the State. Intimate life partners and family members are also major contributors towards domestic violence. They often engage in acts of abuse including beating, strangling, kicking, slapping, arm twisting, stabbing, burning, and choking, as well as threats using weapons and objects. According to Khan (2000), female genital mutilation and wife inheritance should also be recognized as traditional forms of domestic violence as they harmed and caused suffering to women (p. 2). A focus on domestic violence will prove that all types of gender-based violence against the female population should neither go unnoticed nor taken lightly as they affect women, children, families, and the…
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