Domestic Violence Allegations

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The Effects of Domestic Violence Allegations On Custody Evaluators’ Recommendations, is an article written by Jason Hans, Jennifer Hardesty, and Megan Haselschwerdt. The topic being studied is how domestic violence in a relationship effects the decision of custody evaluators deciding who should be awarded child custody in a separated relationship. Through previous research, it was discovered that after separation not only does violence usually continue, but also children are at an elevated risk of exposure to the violence and are at greater risk of direct child abuse. The experiment begins with explaining the different types of domestic violence; in this experiment they focused on control-based, conflict-based and mutual domestic violence.…show more content…
The two variables in the short scenarios included the type of violence (control-based and conflict-based) and counter allegations (none, mutual and female initiated). The variables were randomized by computer and sent out as surveys to the custody evaluators. The first segments purpose was to receive a baseline measurement of the surveyors’ custody recommendations; it contained general information, but no independent variables. The second segment included a history of violence in the relationship between the parents. Some evaluators received examples of conflict-based violence and some received control-based. In the third segment, the husband did not deny the allegations of violence but either admitted he had anger issues, said the violence was mutual or that it was female initiated and he acted in self-defense. At the end of the survey respondents were asked demographic questions and also about their education and experience as a custody evaluator. Throughout this experiment, content analysis was used by the multiple-segment factorial vignette approach. This allowed the researchers to investigate this topic that is particularly difficult to study due to the logistical concerns. Because the segments were all hypothesized, they received mostly qualitative data. Although, due to the fact of the timing the segments were given and the multidimensional contexts, they were able to produce numbers and statistics turning it to quantitative
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