Domestic Violence Among Black And Blue

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“Why is it So Hard to See Black and Blue”? According to the Salvation Army and Care Haven, it is “Hard to See Black and Blue” on a White upper-class woman because viewers focus on her gold and white dress, rather than on the bruises that cover her body. The sponsors of the public service announcement put a gold and white dress on a battered woman to incorporate a popular phenomenon with something serious: domestic violence. Within the last decade, there has been an increase in reported incidents of domestic violence among upper-class renowned Americans males. Martha Ross, a reporter, interviewed a few of these men. All of them blamed their actions on “accidents” or the woman ("Charlie Sheen?"). Despite these men’s excuses, they still gain support; instead of taking the abuser’s side people need to protect women. One group that understands the need to protect women from these types of men is the Salvation Army; they have a division called CareHaven that specializes in sheltering women and their children who have experienced domestic abuse (Salvation Army’s CareHaven). In the advertisement on the previous page, CareHaven appeals to viewers’ sense of logic and emotion by using a woman, text, and an illusion to persuade people to report and, thus, stop abuse against women.

CareHaven’s use of the Caucasian woman is their strongest attribute in this ad to support their effort to lessen violence against women. She is Caucasian, blonde, well-dressed in a gold and white
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