Domestic Violence Among Same Sex Couples

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Domestic Violence Among Same-sex Couples In an ideal world, every individual is entitled to their own safety and freedom. No man is supposed to inflict pain to other individual; especially if that individual is their better half. Thus, the term domestic violence is normally applied to intimate heterosexual partners who are married. Society then levies that domestic violence only exist between married couples. This primitive assumption is somewhat problematic with the emergence of varying types of relationship. However, as time changes, this simple definition of domestic violence has been redefined to accommodate the changes that had happened. This includes the individuals in a relationship outside marriage and individuals in relationship with the same sex. According to Women’s Aid (2009; featured in the article The Love Trap), “Domestic violence is physical, sexual, psychological, or financial violence that takes place within an intimate or family-type relationship and that forms a pattern of coercive and controlling behavior”. Domestic violence is generally defined as any act of violence in the form of physical, emotional, psychological, and financial abuse between two individuals who are in an intimate relationship. Although the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Program (NCAVP) (as cited by Black et al., 2010), argues that domestic violence is not just about the abuse itself that matters but the control being imposed by the abuser. It is the coercion and the power

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