Domestic Violence : An Reliable Support System

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In most circumstances, family and loved ones are usually seen as the most reliable support systems that a person can have. However, there are certain circumstances in which family members are the ones who are creating the problems. One of the prominent issues that can potentially occur within families involves domestic violence, with the victim usually being a woman. With most family matters, those who are looking from the outside are usually hesitant in intervening with those types of personal issues. In order to reduce the occurrence of domestic violence, there must be assistance and training provided for all of the parties involved. This includes providing assistance to the victim, perpetrator, and third parties in order for change…show more content…
235). Despite the fact that there were laws initially created to treat intimate partner violence as a serious problem, cases involving these types of disputes were being transferred to civil courts, which reduced the rate of domestic crimes during the 1960s and 1970s, but also called into question the constitutionality of certain laws regarding domestic abuse (Barner & Carney, 2011, p. 236). However, cases involving intimate partner violence eventually transferred being a criminal matter after Thurman vs. City of Torrington, in which the decision stated that police officers need to be more involved with crimes involving domestic disputes (Barner & Carner, 2011, p. 236). The court case had a profound impact as several laws on both the state and federal level have been pass that focus on the issue of intimate partner violence, which lead to increase arrests and convictions for these types of crimes (Barner & Carney, 2011, p. 236). One type of law passed in 1994 regarding intimate partner violence is the Violence Against Women Act, which addresses several key concerns about domestic abuse ranging from increasing assistance for abused women from several social service sources to increasing penalties for crimes regarding spousal abuse (Modi, Palmer, & Armstrong, 2014, p. 254). Although several laws have been created in
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