Domestic Violence And Child Abuse

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Unfortunately, seven years have now passed and Aaron now has a domestic violence (DV) criminal case pending as well as a possible child abuse case for the abuse of his son. It seems that Aaron has been having a lot of problem lately with the law as well as personal. However, those problem didn’t just start because as a child he had two adjudications of delinquency and served six months in a juvenile detention center for his actions. Yet, he did not learn his lesson from his younger actions and has now been arrested four times for aggravated assault as well as domestic battery that led to one conviction. Furthermore, he has been arrested two times for driving under the influence (DUI), and one of his DUI cases is slated for trial in three months. Therefore, he may be facing another conviction as well as some time in jail and fines once again for the DUI.

Now Aaron lives with his girlfriend, Kelly and they have a two-year-old son, named Josiah. Unfortunately, for Aaron and Kelly they had to take Josiah to the hospital because he had been complaining that he was having some pain in his arm. Therefore, once at the hospital X-rays later showed that Josiah has a spiral fracture to his arm which is signs of child abuse. Therefore, Child Protective Services was called by the hospital staff and they placed Josiah into protective custody for his safety and so that they investigate the case. However, while at the emergency room for Josiah, some of the hospital staff also noticed…
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