Domestic Violence And Children On Children

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Domestic Violence and Children
There are many studies that have been done over the past decade that does a comparison of children of domestic violence to those that have not experienced it. We cannot say for sure what number or percentage is affected each day or year. However, it is a widespread national problem that affects children today.
Domestic violence has long been a hot topic and statics shows that” every 15 seconds a woman in the United States of America is beaten” (Beller 2015, p. 207). Most of what we talk about when we discuss domestic violence is the man or woman that is the victim, rarely via media does anyone put to the forefront the children. Children are the most affected by the effects of abuse in a relationship be it a marriage or partner situation. They are the unspoken and often unheard victims. There are many aspects or directions that can be undertaken in discussing the tiny victims of domestic violence. choosing only one aspect to share and hopefully shed some light on how this affects them as a child and possibly later in their emotional development and growth.
Volunteering at the Kennedy Austin Foundation there are many stories of domestic violence. There is one in particular that s worthy to be shared. A woman who was the victim of domestic violence had a teenage son and stayed in the relationship believing it was best for her child be raised with two parents. The father was the abuser who also was an alcoholic and he went from abusing…
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