Domestic Violence And Children 's Psychological And Emotional Well Being Essay

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Domestic violence is a problem that is not understated in Canada. While it has become more visible in terms of the attention it has been paid to in the last couple of decades, it is evident that more needs to be done. This essay will examine the link between domestic violence and to children’s psychological and emotional well-being. Finally, it will identify a program of intervention that is designed to help children of domestic violence and the likelihood of such exposure leading to a cycle of violence for children as they enter adulthood. As previously noted, the domestic has a profound effect on the child. Whether they are being inflicted with violence or are witnesses, the lasting effect is tremendous and detrimental to their well-being. Despite awareness campaigns against domestic violence, the problem still exists. Like most violent crimes that take place in Canada, the rates of individuals reporting domestic violence has dropped (Buckley, Holt & Whelan, 2007). This has been explained in part because of the social equality and the increasing financial capacity of women in the family (Abramsky, et. al., 2011). This allows some of these women to leave domestic violence situations they face. It is also a factor of years of public education and awareness on the issue by criminal justice professionals and social movement advocates (Abramsky, et. al., 2011). The improvement of domestic legislation has also provided some added protection for women and survivors of domestic

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