Domestic Violence And Its Effects On Children Essay

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If a child grows up in a home where domestic violence is displayed every day, the likelihood of that child becoming physically violent to others increases. Children who are exposed to sexual abuses could become more likely to commit illegal sex crimes once they are in their teenage years, such as prostitution. Exposure to continued conflict and distress can interfere with developmental progress and the child often feels responsible and wants to make others feel better. Juveniles who are exposed to the drug world at an early age are more likely to become involved in drug distribution, manufacturing of drugs, and abuse drugs. Children can be sworn into gangs at any age and begin their life of crime from an early start because that is all they know. Those that live in less privileged neighborhoods or homes of violence, often grow up knowing only how to survive by breaking the law, whether it’s burglaries, theft, home invasion, or reliance of the gang over that area. Overall, membership in adolescent street gangs, even if only for a short time, appears to have a pervasive negative impact on an individual’s subsequent development (Augustyn). The influences that children are exposed to are similar to frogs in a pot of water. The pot is the home of the child, the water is the influential circumstances within the home, the heat is the criminal influences they are surrounded by and the lid is the criminal justice system. The children grow up in the water unaware of the dangers that
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