Domestic Violence And Its Effects On Children

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What is domestic Violence? Domestic Violence is described as violent or aggressive behavior within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner. Many children end up being the victims to seeing domestic violence in the home which is very unhealthy to their development. Some children may development resentment toward both parents- one for not leaving and the other for causing the abuse. Depression, aggressive behavior, emotional distress and suicide depending on the severity are all signs of effects on children. Usually research is examined only for women and the effects that domestic violence has on them, but recently more and more research is being found on how domestic violence has it effects on children.
Children in families experiencing domestic violence are more likely than other children to show or display aggressive, antisocial behavior and become depressed and anxious (Brown & Bzostek, 2003). Researchers have found higher levels of anger, hostility, disruptive behavior, disobedience, fear and withdrawal (poor peer, sibling, and social relationships) and low self-esteem. Children exposed to domestic violence are at a higher chance of experiencing difficulties in school and score lower on assessments of verbal, motor, and cognitive skills. Slow cognitive development, may not be able to resolve conflicts in a peaceful and calming manner, limited problem solving skills, pro-violence attitudes. (Brown & Bzostek, 2003; Edleson, 2006). Research
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