Domestic Violence And Its Effects On Children

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Domestic violence is a dilemma that affects every family member, including the children. Two previous studies have shown that child abuse, domestic violence, and both in combination increase a child’s risk for internalizing and externalizing negative behavioral outcomes and that the belief that some children may have that they are capable of controlling a domestic violence situation may actually trigger them into adopting traumatic behavioral symptoms. The goal of this study is to focus on children in New York and determine the specific ways that they are mentally and behaviorally affected by exposure to domestic violence by measuring the amount of times that they have acted out violently. This study will juxtapose those who are greatly affected by domestic violence to those who are not affected to a great degree. Research in this study will contribute to scholarly knowledge of domestic violence and its effects on children by accumulating information and facts regarding the influence of domestic violence on children. “How does exposure to domestic violence affect children? If so, what are the specific ways in which they are affected?”, “How does the age of the child have an effect on how exposure to domestic violence affects them?”, and “What are the short-term and long-term effects of exposure to domestic violence on children?” are the research questions that will be used to analyze and collect information. These questions look into a dilemma that may or may not cause…
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