Domestic Violence And Its Effects On Society

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Domestic violence is that dark little secret kept by your neighbor, your friend, your family member, or even yourself. It touches the lives of men, women, and children in every ethnic and economic group on the face of the earth. In order to stem the tide of this egregious and infectious behavior we cannot consider it solely a women’s issue. It is as much a men’s issue as it is a women’s issue, maybe more so, and can only be effectively addressed if we enlist and encourage the help of family, friends, classmates, and co-workers, as well as local, state and national governments. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (Retrieved on 3/9/14 from:, one in five women and one is seven men have experienced (some sort of) physical violence by an intimate partner within their lifetime. The abuse is inflicted when one individual asserts his or her will over an intimate partner, whether the abuse is physical, psychological, emotional, or economic. As a friend, family member, classmate, or co-worker of someone in an unhealthy or violent relationship, you may be the first person to recognize that the person is not safe. Abusive or coercive behaviors may include, but are by no means limited to, physical assaults, verbal assaults, threats, intimidation, use of weapons, isolation, destruction of property, violence toward other significant people (including children) or pets, sexual manipulation, control over economic
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