Domestic Violence And Its Effects On Society

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Unnecessary Roughness: when 15 hours of community service or minimal fines aren’t enough An epidemic is sweeping through America unacknowledged. It’s not contagious, but rampant in all communities. It is not Ebola, Sars or Influenza yet, it is still a silent predator lurking secretly behind closed doors. Domestic violence kills. The facts are startling; one in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime, and those are just the cases that are reported. In the past weeks, America’s eye has been fixated on the NFL and the Capital Justice Departments prosecution of Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice and Greg Hardy. They were all indicted on allegations of domestic violence and abuse. Each year, another stack of players are arrested, or “caught” with a history of domestic violence, abuse and/or animal cruelty charges. The NFL’s reaction is typically reactive and falls short of transmitting a message of concern for the victims. Moreover, the NFL and Americans have opted to sensationalize Peterson, Rice and Hardy as isolated poster-boys for domestic violence, rather than reflect and appreciate that this is a larger socio-cultural problem. NFL players have a staggering crime rate when compared with other professional team leagues . Since 2000, there have been 767 NFL player arrests, mostly DUI related . Most of these cases superficially appear minor, when alcohol is in “play," so too is the likelihood for violence. While girlfriends, wives and children receive
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