Domestic Violence And Its Effects On Society

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Domestic violence is defined as a violent behavior or an act of abuse between couples in the home. It is called family violence. Usually most women are harmed and the witnesses of this violence are also effected. This abuse is frowned upon in todays society. In Chile domestic violence wasn 't taken seriously because of the cultural norm which was that men controlled the women. There are many treatments for the abuse but they are only focused on the victim; the one committing the abuse should be more focused on to change their behavior by giving another way to communicate. Celebrities are even caught on the media committing violent acts against their partner. It affects women emotionally to the point that they think it is
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This didn’t change sexism and discrimination from the cultural norms in Chile. This abuse caused more death and disability than any disease or accidents. Women that are abused are not only affected mentally and physically but also their reproductive health. The abuse usually ends in unwanted pregnancy or diseases. When a pregnancy is unwanted another option would be abortion, but since it is illegal in Chile a woman who had an abortion can be jailed and prosecuted. If a man committed domestic violence he wouldn 't be jailed or prosecuted. In Chile they believe that domestic violence is common in the lower class and the alcohol is to blame for the abuse.


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Julia Babcock had conducted a new experiment at the University of Houston on treating domestic violence by focusing on the person that is abusing instead of the victim. Most domestic violence happens during an argument. The experiment was to change the way the couples communicated during an argument and see if this would reduce the violence. The researchers listed an advertisement to find couples that would volunteer in the experiment. The research team found 120 couples in the Houston area that were qualified. To qualify the couples had to experience physical abuse in the
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