Domestic Violence And Its Effects On Society

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Domestic Violence in Literature
Domestic violence entails transgressions that tend to exhibit regular occurrence worldwide. Domestic violence is substantially attributable to the psychological, physical, mental, and sexual forms of suffering or anguish. Domestic violence further refers to the family violence or spousal abuse that defines the evident pattern of violent behaviors executed by one spouse to the other in the close affiliations that include courtships, matrimony, family, or individuals staying together (Gueguen, 885). Studies show that in numerous instances the aggressors tend to exhibit their need for gaining power and authority upon their victims by acting violently. There are different forms of domestic violence worth
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The play illustrates the women’s lack of use of the physical and spoken violence towards obtaining control over the Athens. Furthermore, Arendt portrays the women as individuals opposed to violence through receiving authority by their attendance of the assembly besides ruling with power rather than using force. The play thus illustrates the fact that the women tend to comprehend some of the adverse effects of violence.
As the rulers, the women can facilitate comprehension of the fact that domestic violence tends to affect the people adversely hence the need for imposing rules on punishing the vice. Presently numerous nations have policies imposed towards eradication of the vice as it has huge effects on the economic status of the country. Domestic violence tends to affect the countries adversely by hindering progress in every aspect of the country (Price, 79). The element of economic growth evident in the play presented by Hannah is substantially attributable to the focus on the nation on limiting the instances of domestic violence amongst the members of the society. The state is thus capable of ensuring the efficient use of its resources and time rather than using such in the resolution of the domestic violence.
Furthermore, there is the necessity for noting that domestic violence tends to affect the children adversely especially those that witness and experience the violence during their early stages of development. The women in the play
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