Domestic Violence And Its Effects On The Society Essay

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Domestic violence is not is not just physical abuse, but is any behavior that is intended to control another person through the use of verbal assaults (*cite*) A huge social issue throughout the world today. Domestic violence is not only limited to spousal abuse but also includes sibling abuse, elder abuse and child abuse. Domestic violence may also be known as family violence, wife or child beating and domestic abuse. (cite) Domestic Violence s a very important social issue throughout the world because it leaves a huge negative effect on the victims. Domestic violence is caused by either male or female, but is usually caused by male because of their physical advantage. This research paper will be discussing the history of domestic violence, different types of domestic violence and program out there that was specially created to help domestic violence victims and ways to prevent it.
In 1920, domestic violence became illegal in all states. During that time, it was not considered domestic violence; it was called or known as “wife beating”. (*cite*). It wasn’t until the 1970’s where the criminal justice system begun to treat domestic violence as a serious matter. Domestic violence is any physical, sexual or psychological abuse that people use against former or current partner. Domestic violence refers to many criminal behaviors such as assault, battery, sexual assault, stalking, harassment, homicide and much more. (cite) Marital rape was not considered
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