Domestic Violence And Its Effects Essay

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Domestic violence: When it comes to domestic violence is it gender bias when it comes to being helped with shelters for victims, treatment, and suspect classification? Is domestic violence caused by a mental illness, the need to be in control, self-insecurities, or something else? Does growing up in a house with domestic violence make it more likely the children will continue the cycle of abuse and control in their homes? If victims of domestic hurts or kills their abuser after being shuffled through the legal system without receiving help, justice, and protection, should they be held accountable or is it justified self-defense? Why is domestic violence done and lied about if the abuser is not ashamed or know they are wrong for what they are doing?

Domestic Violence is sometimes a silent battle that is brought to someone’s attention in time. Domestic violence comes in all different forms of abuse there is the physical, verbal, sexual, psychological, emotional, economically, and economically abuse, that became unknown forms of abuse. It goes unknown because the law only convicts domestic violence for physical abuse and give treatment for it and mental abuse. Not talking about domestic violence and the forms of abuse associated with it have gone on for a very long time. People are uneducated on what domestic violence consist of, so they do not realize the danger that lies ahead and they are currently in. Most of the time people are educated when it is too late, they have…

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