Domestic Violence And Its Effects

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I want you to close your eyes and imagine being choked, slapped, humiliated or beat beyond recognition. Do you feel the intense pain? Can you feel the physical and mental pain associated with this trauma? Now I want you to imagine that the person doing all these things to you was a person that was supposed to love you. Imagine that it is a person that should be your protector and defender, but instead is your own personal nightmare. Do you see it? Can you vision them? What you imagined was domestic violence. The violent and extremely aggressive behavior displayed in your own home. The very place that should be your sanctuary, is turned into hell. According to the NCADV:
Domestic violence is the willful intimidation, physical assault,
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Domestic violence is an evil aspect of a relationship, and a horror most endure in silence.
There are numerous studies and theories that exists to give an explanation as to why domestic violence occurs. Most likely, then not, the underlying issue that is present in both the culprit and the victim. Some problems stem from adolescence or a form of cultural norm. Whichever is the case these issues when these types of people get into intimate relationships.
Attachment and Detachment
All the attachments we have affects our behavior, and our psychological state. It is necessary for our well-being and the maintenance of healthy relationships. The attachment theory proposed by John Bowlby suggests that children are born into this world already “programmed” to form attachments to others. Bowlby argued the following: “Attachment is a deep and enduring emotional bond that connects one person to another across time and space” (Bowlby,1969). So undoubtedly attachment is something we all have in common.
Rather that attachment be with a parent or a complete stranger, it is defiantly something that exists in all of us. Attachment is essentially the first relationship we form with someone. That first relationship is crucial to how individuals carry on relationships all the way into adulthood. A child’s first relationship is usually with their mother. It is a bond that surpasses
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