Domestic Violence And Its Effects

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Domestic Violence Introduction:
What is Domestic Violence? The broad answer is any act or combination of acts of physical, emotional or sexual violence done intentionally with an end result of injury to another person of an intimate relationship (Kendall 466). When you think of domestic violence, battered women probably comes to mind first but it also covers child abuse, elderly abuse, and the abuse of men. Sociologists have a hard time determining the exact cause of domestic violence but have many theories and perspectives for possible explanations, three of which are: Control Theory, Feminism, and Resource Mobilization Theory. Demographics:
According to the World Health Organization in 2013 women are victimized by domestic violence significantly more often than men. Violence happens in all societies, races, ethnicities, and cultures. Women are injured and killed by domestic violence more than by anything else. Men with prior experience with domestic violence are more likely to commit the same and millions of children witness this violence each year. Domestic violence is significant factor in unemployment with so many injured men or women missing work and losing their jobs because they have been hospitalized and/or have to recover from injury. Control Theory:
Sociologists look at control theory in an attempt to give an explanation as to why people are not violent. Our bonds with our family, friends and even community may play a significant role in how we deal with…
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