Domestic Violence And Public Violence Essay

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Approximately 12 million people in the United States are affected by domestic violence. There are 8.8 million children who will witness domestic violence. Half of all victims of domestic violence will also experience the unimaginable pain of their child/children being abused alongside them. The fact is, domestic violence will affect or touch every person in their lifetime (Pence & McMahon, 1999). There are many ground-breaking advocates of reducing domestic violence, though one stands out above the others. Ellen Pence helped build the foundation of batterer programming with the Duluth program. The program forged new ground and bridged the concerns of advocates and criminal justice officials by developing its “Power and Control Wheel” from women’s experiences with abuse (Zorza, 1998). Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, she earned her BA from the College of St Scholastica in Duluth and a PhD from the University of Toronto. Her mother inspired her to be an activist and, as a young woman, Ellen became involved in anti-war, civil rights and homelessness issues. In 1975 she joined the feminist movement against domestic violence, and five years later she moved to Duluth, where, with a group of friends, she came up with the Duluth model (Schechter & Ganley, 1995).
During this time, domestic violence was considered a private matter, not an issue for community or state intervention. The birthplace of that revolution was Duluth, Minnesota. It was there that she, Michael Paymar and
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