Domestic Violence And Sexual Harassment

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Introduction Violence is an ever growing problem across the globe. In particular, violence against women is at an all time high. Although many cases of violence against women are reported, it is in statistical data that half of all cases are not reported. Some are not reported because of fears, relationship severances, and other unknown reasons. The main types of abuse on women are domestic and sexual harassment (Nosheen, 2011). Follow this paper carefully while it takes you on an expedition of discovery on domestic violence, sexual harassment, and the correlation between substance abuse. Domestic Violence Domestic violence is a prototype of behavior in any association that is used to gain or maintain control over another individual. Domestic violence can be between two partners in a relationship or the children that live within a single household. In some instances other defenseless adults may be involved in the occurring violence. The most common type of domestic violence is spousal, in which women are usually the victims. While this epidemic is desolately popular in the United States it is more prominent in other parts of the world. World health organization report of 2011 shows a gross domestic violation of women rights to be more rampant in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia respectively. In the Middle East, women are thought to be helpless and should submit to their husbands (Petkov & Mindevska 2012). This is in accordance to region’s religious believes. We have no
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