Domestic Violence And Sexual Violence Essay

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Domestic violence, also labeled as family violence and intimate-partner violence, is psychological, physical and sexual violence that takes place within home environment. Adults and children can both be victims. Domestic violence is a major human rights issue across the world, and one of New Zealand’s most serious social issues. One in three women in Aotearoa will experience an abusive relationship, with many more coming dangerously close.

Reason Domestic violences occurs when the abuser wanting to rule their other half because they have low self-esteem, easily jealous, struggling to control anger and other strong emotions, or when they sense their partner is highly ranked than them in education and socioeconomic background.
Ecological Theory was coined by Urie Bronfenbrenner during 1917-2005. This theory attempts to link violence in the family to the broader social environment. This includes the culture, the formal and informal social networks of the family, the closer family setting and circumstances, and the family history. This type of framework sets up a basis for a risk-theory of domestic assault based on the given criteria
Some of the abusers are with very traditional beliefs that believe that it is appropriate to take charge of their partner, and that women are not equal to men. Other abusers may have an undiagnosed personality disorder or psychological disorder. Still others may have learned this behavior from growing up in a household where domestic
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