Domestic Violence And The Domestic Crisis

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Domestic violence Term Paper Domestic violence is not something new; we have seen it since we first developed intimate relationships with one another. A man and a woman either fall in “love” or at least say they found their soul mate, but in the end one ends up being the abuser which in this case is the man, studies have shown that over three hundred women were shot, stabbed, beaten, or burned to death. I will be discussing on how women are being abused and how the lack of action is being taken. As well as how we need to increase women’s shelters so they can have somewhere to go when they are abused by men. Another reason is we need to extend the punishment consequences on domestic abusers. We need better solutions in order to decrease domestic violence. The lack of action that we take about domestic violence is causing many women to be more victimized and attacked. The less action we take and do not add more laws that protect the women that are being abused, we are going to see more deaths increasing of domestic violence. In the article Till Death Do Us Part , in South Carolina the average of women’s in an abusive relationship, are killed every day. If the state like South Carolina who do little to protect the women who are being abused, then the rate of women being killed in the state is going to increase, and as for the abuses they will continue to take advantage of this poor innocent woman. The big issue that South Carolina has been that women that are in a
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