Domestic Violence And The Long Run

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In what ways does domestic violence affect not only women but children in the long run?
Domestic violence is defined as violent or aggressive behavior, usually abuse involving a spouse. Domestic violence is a very dangerous act and has been occurring for decades. In most cases the abusers are men and the victims are women, being physically and emotionally abused. Physical abuse is an intentional act of causing injury to one, in other words “putting your hands on someone”. Emotional abuse is the act of verbal assault, humiliating one ,and tearing one’s self-esteem down .Sadly in a lot of cases that I have research a child is involved, or the couple has a child who witnessed the abuse occur. Children who have witnessed abuse or experienced it go through a lot. In all of the cases the child is witnessing a parent usually the victim, being abused by their spouse (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, etc.), who watched or was once abused as a child so they think it’s normal. The book titled “Damage, children” explains how about 90 percent of the time the abusers are men who” suffer from a drug problem or was once abused as a child”. Continually elaborating into great detail about how” 15.5 million “children witness domestic violence, whether they see it or its being illustrated on them, now I’m not talking about a regular old slap or a pop to the backside but a brutal unnecessary assault. Witnessing domestic violence as a child affects the mind, these children are likely to deal with
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