Domestic Violence As A Public Health Problem

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Domestic violence as a public health problem is studied from an epidemiological perspective. Epidemiology is the core of public health, providing insight into the causes, prevalence, and control of disease in populations. Partner abuse is defined, risk factors, prevalence, and consequences are addressed from both the civilian and military perspectives as it relates to the batterer, spouse, and children. Most of what is known about domestic violence from a scientific perspective are through a civilian lens. A growing body of research on partner abuse in the military is emerging with most studies conducted on the Army. The article reports on the results of an in-depth study of the epidemiology of partner abuse in all branches of the military. Rates of violence are higher in military populations than is civilian populations. Data further suggests that more severe forms of abuse occur in military families. Evidence-based prevention and intervention approaches were recommended with a focus on real and perceived barriers to treatment.
The article serves as a foundation for my paper. It is scientifically based, epidemiologically focused on the definition, causes, distribution and treatment options for domestic violence. It supports my position that domestic violence is a major public health issue of civilian and military populations. The article further addresses the entire family and both the civilian and military communities. It is also one of a few sources that evaluated all…
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