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Domestic Violence Research Paper

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This sample research paper on domestic violence features: 7200+ words (26 pages), an outline, APA format in-text citations, and a bibliography with 31 sources.


I. Introduction

II. History

III. Types of Abuse

A. Physical Violence

B. Sexual Violence

C. Psychological Violence

D. Stalking

E. Dating Violence

IV. Prevalence of Domestic Violence

V. Explaining Domestic Violence

A. Cycle of Violence

B. Psychopathology

C. Perceived Gender Roles

VI. Domestic Violence and the GLBT Community

VII. Domestic Violence: Myth Versus Fact

VIII. Domestic Violence Legislation

A. Effects of Legislation

IX. Domestic Violence Courts

X. Conclusion

I. Introduction

Domestic violence occurs when a current or former intimate partner exerts dominance and control in a relationship through physical, sexual, or psychological-emotional abuse, resulting in physical or emotional trauma to the victim. Other forms of domestic violence include stalking and dating violence. Other terms used for domestic violence include intimate partner violence, domestic…
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