Domestic Violence By Law Enforcement Officers

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Domestic Violence by Law Enforcement Officers:
A Review on Police Brutality
Joette Jackson
Dr. Khalfani
Sociology 101-008
April 1, 2015

Domestic altercation contributes the largest category of calls received by the po-lice annually. It is not surprising considering the vast number of womb who are abused by their significant others. Domestic abuse is a hard pill to swallow, it is a complex issue that plagues a society. Neither parties are likely to come forth with the traumatic details. It is easy to read on the internet about the perils of domestic violence. The common sto-ries of a man abuses woman, a woman kills child, for all to see. However, what causes violence to happen? Who really is to blame? The Judicial system all over the United States have attempted to create regulation to protect the victims of abuse. However, what if the same people sworn to prevent and protect the crisis, are the very people re-sponsible for such heinous acts of domestic violence. Society have concluded that a person be subjected solely based on their social role, whether a lawyer, teacher, doctor or even a police officer, they are not above the act of abuse. This paper explores do-mestic violence on intimate partners of law enforcements or police officers, which incor-porates the factors of financial, physical, sexual and emotional abuse as the main con-tributors in a domestic abused household.

Financial. It’s been said that money is the root of all…
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