Domestic Violence ( Dv ) And How It Has Been Portrayed As A Male Gender Issue

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This article is about Domestic Violence (DV) and how it has been portrayed as a male gender issue through media, government, and leading organisations against DV; both internationally and within Australia. The researchers’ concerns are that DV organisations add fuel to the fire by using shock tactics and manipulated statistics, hoping to gain funding for their feminist causes. The article produces facts and figures from International and Australian surveys that support the fact that Domestic Violence is on the decrease, despite what is being portrayed to society. The article also implies that while police reports of DV have increased, it is due to the definition of DV now being expanded past that of physical abuse between the husband and…show more content…
As a police officer, the article reinforces the fact to me that DV is a social and family unit issue. DV is not the gender issue that perhaps the older police culture once saw it as. DV is no longer just an adult male perpetrator and an adult female victim, therefore the article challenges the old police culture definition of DV. Today, I believe that DV is a family unit in crisis, that any venerable member involved requires protection regardless of their gender or age. I agree that social awareness of DV is extremely important. The establishment of DV awareness campaigns has made the issue of DV more socially acknowledged, more acceptable to report and no longer the taboo subject it once was. I feel however, that the community needs to be educated on the complexities of DV rather than the gender violence that is often portrayed in campaigns. From my personal police experience, I agree with the articles findings that show woman are not the only victims in DV. I feel that to ignore the damage to any victim involved in DV, especially a child, is an enormous failing to society.

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This paper is written based on the issues raised in the article ‘Anna’s Story’. It will discuss the ‘cycle of violence’ and the reasons both psychological and physical why victims of domestic violence (DV) may resist leaving their situation. Key services that victims (Anna) require access to due to the situation will also be discussed, including
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