Domestic Violence Effects On Children

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The news consists of new and repeating stories everyday whether it involves something life changing or something just to lighten up someone’s day such as a baby laughing gone viral. There is one topic that consistently makes its way into the spotlight; domestic violence. Domestic violence is defined as: violent or aggressive behavior within the home; typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or a partner. As this definition is being analyzed, many situations may graze our minds, especially recently. The question is, does domestic violence have an effect on children. Although many people seem to believe that they are not influenced easily, it is proven that a person retains and remembers the most as an infant growing into a child and those whom have experienced domestic violence second handily grow into experiencing it first handily. Domestic violence is a very controversial topic, especially in the female community considering whom all it effects. It is known to come from within the heart of our own homes whether the outside world knows or not. As a child grows up in a household full of multiple personalities, he or she begins to retain a lot of the activities performed from inside of the household. It is proven that those who were raised around domestic violence have had it affect their life in one way or another, but how could it be blamed upon a child. It is kind of hard to believe that a person who cannot remember their first birthday remember how their loved
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