Domestic Violence : Effects On Children

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Jocelyn Gotham
English 4
18 January 2016
Domestic Violence: Effects on Children
Domestic violence is seen as physical abuse between two partners; whether that be boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, wife, or even a recent ex. When women used to be seen as their husbands property and the children their parents many things happened behind closed doors that were not talked about. Which could be why many women see it as acceptable and do nothing about it. Resulting in the kids that are stuck in between this stressful household with no help. No one really sees how being shown to this violence can affect a child later in life. Early exposure to domestic violence can have long term effects on a child 's mental and physical state.
When a child experiences there mother or father being abused it can lead to a loss of or sense of control in their life with the lack of it they might turn to stealing, lying, and drug abuse (Havelin 15). Growing up in in such home can lead to constant fear of what will happen next; making them to become angry and depressed (Havelin 13). So when looking at the children who are in the prison system for murder 63% was for the killing of an abusive parent (Halvorsen). When a child sees a abuse in their home it leads them to think it is normal and acceptable, which gives the idea that later in life they may becoming an abuser or abused themselves do the idea that it is normal (Abdelkader). The Department of Justice say that women are victims of abuse
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