Domestic Violence Effects On Children

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Domestic Violence The mental image that people generally attribute to domestic violence is a husband physically abusing his wife. The battered woman has been the symbol for this issue as far back as anyone can trace. An illustration done in 1848 uses this image to warn people about the effects of alcohol abuse (Illustration). This image may be useful in warning people about the harmful effects of alcohol, but the unfortunate truth about domestic violence is that it doesn’t affect just one group of people, it has the potential to affect everyone. Neither gender, age, race, nor sexuality exclude a person from this problem. By definition, domestic violence is “acts of violence or abuse against a person living in one 's household, especially a member of one 's immediate family” (Dictionary). The symbol of a battered woman has been thoroughly explored by the government and media, but the effects of domestic violence on a man or child have seemed to be neglected. Not to mention the lack of focus or awareness on how domestic violence effects the human psyche. Violence against women is not to be diminished or less of a threat to society, there simply needs to be more awareness on the entire picture of this issue. Domestic violence encompasses all forms of abuse, including physical, mental, and emotional abuse. In order to fully understand where people’s thoughts come from, one needs to understand the theories behind the subject. Every issue can be looked at in a multitude of ways.…
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