Domestic Violence

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Why didn’t she leave? Why did she marry him? She must have done something to provoke him. She chose to have kids with him and to stay with him. These are the resounding questions and statements that one hears when discussing domestic violence. When video broke of NFL player Ray Rice, hitting and knocking out his then girlfriend Janay, those were the types of questions that erupted on social media. Instead the question should have been, “Why did he hit her?”, “Why didn’t he show any emotion or remorse?” “What is wrong with him?” This is known as victim blaming, and it is unfortunately all too prevalent in our society today. Domestic violence is a dirty little secret that no one wants to talk about, but until we do, this epidemic of victim …show more content…
The language we use needs to put the focus on the perpetrator and the acts they committed, not the other way around. The victim is just that, the victim. They in no way should be blamed for the actions of another and that needs to be the focus of the language when discussing the domestic violent actions. When the Ray Rice story broke, there was much discussion about what should be done by the NFL to punish him for his actions. He was ultimately suspended and cut from his team the Ravens. For the most part, perpetrators get a slap on the wrist. They may or may not be arrested. They may have to go to domestic violence classes. Law enforcement may or may not be empathetic towards the victim. Each state has its own set of consequences for perpetrators. In some states the victim can even be fired due to the domestic violence she or he is experiencing while the perpetrator remains unscathed. Perpetrators should be prosecuted. Perpetrators should have a consequence, not the victim. There should be a protocol followed by professional sports, law enforcement, prosecutors so that the seriousness of the offense is understood by all. A slap on the wrist is not enough to show the serious negative impacts domestic violence can have. And if our law enforcement and courts do not take it seriously, how can anyone else? This lack of consistency helps to foster the victim blaming mentality. Blaming
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