Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence As discussed in our textbook and through the videos provided, there are multiple types of child abuse and neglect. Domestic violence also known as family violence is violence perpetrated against family members by an offender who is related to the victim either biologically or legally, such as by marriage or through adoption ( U.S. Department of Justice, 2009). Domestic violence is something that can be descried as any sort of behavior that is designed to intentionally inflict emotional, sexual, or physical harm. There are three main categories of domestic violence. These categories are physical violence, emotional violence, and sexual violence. Physical violence are acts that include but not limited to hitting,…show more content…
This is emotionally hard on the girl because she feels that no one in her family wants her. The third and final category of domestic violence is sexual violence. Sexual violence includes marital rape, battering rape and forced sexual acts. A good example of this also comes from the videos. There is a young boy whose mom is hairdresser that works from home to take care of her two children. His mom has a regular client who brings her 20 year old son with her every time. The 20 year old always hangs out with and keeps the little kids company while his mom is getting her hair done. The older son eventually starts to touch and sexually abuse the little boy. The little boy doesn’t tell anyone because he 20 year old told him that they are friends and that is how friends play and hang out. This took a toll on the little boy. He started not doing well in school and was having night terrors. One day the little boys mom walked in on the 20 year old trying to pull her sons pants down. The 20 year old was arrested and to the day of the video he was still in jail. The little boy grew older and became a junior counselor to help educate kids and make sure that this sort of thing doesn't happen. Domestic violence and the three main categories that fall under it are things not to be taken lightly. These are serious issues that are taking place in our society and I feel that more of an effort needs to take place so that the percentage of these things

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