Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence Introduction James Henslin (2008) notes that the family, the group we look to most for support and love, is often the source of cruelty and violence. Every year 16 of every 100 husbands and wives physically attack each other. Since men are usually physically larger and stronger than woman more woman than men need medical attention after episodes of violence. If a homicide occurs six out of seven times the wife is the victim. Although violence occurs in all social classes it is not equally distributed among them. Families with low incomes, blue collar workers, families in which the husband is unemployed or there is an above average number of children, people with less education, individuals with no religious affiliation, or under 30 years of age are more likely to engage in violent behaviors. Another significant contributing factor to family violence is alcohol consumption. Couples who do not drink have the lowest rate of family violence while alcoholics have the highest rates. There also is a strong indication that children, who observe domestic violence growing up, especially during their teen years, will be violent in their own marriage. Discussion Simmons, Lehmann, and Collier-Tenison (2008) report 85 percent of those arrested for domestic violence are male. Many of the females arrested for domestic violence claim they are themselves victims of violence at the hands of their male partners and are either directly or indirectly acting in

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