Domestic Violence From Law Enforcement Officers

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Domestic Violence is one of the most common crimes that occur, however not all of them being reported. There are many effects and causes to this behavior in law enforcement officers that have been studied by many researchers and doctors, authors, and the media. The victims of domestic violence from law enforcement officers (mostly being women) are affected by this greatly on a higher level than regular women who aren’t married to police officers, as they have much more to lose if such acts were ever reported on their spouses. There are many theoretical causes of domestic violence from law enforcement officers, which effect their victims greatly, making it almost impossible for them to report any offense without some type of consequence of reporting a crime against a police officer. Although domestic violence is a very easily preventable crime, having the perpetrators being law enforcement officers, makes it a little more difficult to prevent. It has been brought up in fact to the supreme court and this case was also added to the gun control act, and the crime bill.
Over the years it has been brought up that domestic violence is a very serious but also a very preventable crime. It is not the type of crime that is drawn to one class of people. Any person of any social class of either sex of any background and profession such as a doctor, lawyer or a judge can commit an act of domestic violence or can be a victim of it. However domestic violence committed by those who…
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