Domestic Violence Has A Negative Impact On Children

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Open your eyes: Domestic violence has a negative impact on children. Being 8 years old and growing up witnessing domestic violence in my household was hard. “About 70% of domestic violence between couples goes unreported (S.N)” The reason the rate is so high is because fear overcomes the victim. The lack of someone being able to sit down and talk without being scared of getting home and getting beaten by their partner is bad, the reason of not being able to just sit down and talk to someone just to let everything out and get it off your mind and put an end to it is the reason children grow up witnessing the violence in their household. Many people think that the person being abused is the only victim in households with domestic violence but children witnessing the abuse are also victims. Domestic violence has a negative impact on children because it interferes with their education, affects their physical health as well as long term trauma that affects their emotional development. Domestic violence does have a negative impact on children because it affects their education, affects their health, and also traumatizes them. A reason domestic violence has a negative impact on children is because, it makes them lack in school. By a child having sleepless nights it tends to lead to a child’s grades dropping. “Domestic violence poses a serious threat to children’s emotional, psychological, and physical well-being particularly if the violence is chronic” says the National Child
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