Essay about Domestic Violence In Police Homes

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As all officers know, domestic violence is a serious problem throughout the United States. Unfortunately, it is also a crime that some officers perpetrate in their own homes. When officers - who are sworn to protect and serve in their communities - abuse their power and control at home, they violate the law. When this occurs, the victim, the family, the agency, and the entire community suffer. Officers are trained to maintain control, to use weapons, and to justify their use of force on the job. Officers also need to understand, however, that the core behaviors that make them effective on the job must not be used against family members and intimate partners (University of Florida).
The International Chiefs of Police (IACP) states that the
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Many of the victims, as well as abusers, experience same issues that are faced by civilians. Though society looks to law enforcement to intervene in domestic violence situations, law enforcement officers themselves may also be experiencing like situations at home. Law enforcement officers may be abusers as well as victims of domestic violence. It is essential that they receive the same help as civilians receive. It is not something to be ashamed of; it is a serious problem that needs special attention. Abusers show similar signs and causes, as well as victims experience similar abusers and abuse. What is the truth of officer-involved domestic violence?
Questions to consider in researching such a topic include: What can be classified as domestic violence? How are civilian and officer- involved domestic violence similar and different? What are warning sign of domestic violence? When should one report domestic violence? How can a law enforcement officer be a victim? Why do victims remain in the abusive relationships? How does officer-involved domestic violence impact the victim, the children, the agency, and the community?
Qualitative methods may include focus groups, in-depth interviews, and reviews of documents. Primary inductive process is used to formulate theory or hypotheses. The qualitative method is more subjective, it describes a problem or condition from the point of view of those experiencing it. It is
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