Domestic Violence In The Workplace

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Tina was in her late twenties when she first met her husband at church and married him a year later. The abuse began a week into the marriage, but death threats were cast towards her and her family as she asked for a divorce. Eventually, he cut her off from everyone she cared about, imprisoning her in the home, and becoming progressively more violent. Finally Tina was able to involve the police and save herself and the children that resulted from the relationship. Her advice to women as she presented her story was to break the silence because “at the end of the day, every woman who is killed, injured, or harmed through domestic violence is someone’s daughter” (Tina). Domestic violence among adults continues to be a tragedy throughout the generations;…show more content…
According to the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, current and former intimate partners were responsible for on-the-job deaths of 321 women and 38 men from 1997-2009. While nearly 90% of employees see the negative impacts of domestic violence in the workplace, “seven in ten corporate not perceive domestic violence as a major issue at their company” (Facts On). One can see the gap of acknowledgment on the issue between the employees and their superiors, which can be reason for the lack of support of victims experiencing stalking and other abuse seeping into their work environment. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that the cost of lost productivity annually due to domestic violence is roughly $727.8 million, “with more than 7.9 million workdays-the equivalent of 32,000 full time jobs- lost each year” (Facts On). This giant loss in money and productivity not only affects the victims who are unable to work, but also the companies and overall economy running through society. Overall, the loss seen financially should help to place domestic violence victims into more supportive hands, if not only for their own wellbeing, but also for the wellbeing of local and national…show more content…
Just as there are different forms of the issue, there becomes separate categories of signs and symptoms as well. As “each individual is unique; responses to trauma may vary” (Women’s Resource). Emotionally, many victims experience depression, anxiety, fear, and self-blame. Behavioral changes can include withdrawal, flashbacks, and mood swings. Many individuals may socially begin to isolate themselves and experience a difficulty in trusting others. Aside from physical results from domestic violence, other symptoms can involve sleep deprivation, somatic complaints, headaches, and chronic health problems. Each individual can experience a different set of effects and it is important to be aware of the signs in order to help and report the incident of yourself or that of someone else. While there are many personal battles of domestic violence that continue to go unnoticed and unresolved, multiple organizations have risen up to face the issue and offer as much help as
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